‘Succession’ Family Tree: that are the Roy Family Members and what exactly are their own Skills?

Series is a program all about families, at the very least, it is in some respects.

The HBO struck observe the impaired Roy loved ones while they vie for energy at Waystar Royco, run by patriarch Logan (Brian Cox), plus the vibrant between them during this inner dispute.

But who happen to be your family users and what are their techniques? Here’s all you need to find out about all of them.

Logan Roy

That is he?

Logan is the Chief Executive Officer for Waystar Royco, a news conglomerate the guy created which has now being its very own empire and is the fifth-largest in this field. He’s an arduous guy used to obtaining his way, and he don’t think twice to berate those around him in order to get just what he desires completed.

Just what are his expertise?

The patriarch can be terrible but he is furthermore a top-class entrepreneur, plainly revealed by how large his media kingdom has grown within his life time.

Exactly what the guy does not have in compassion he makes up for in leadership, and Logan even offers an vision on how best to expand his companies no matter if amusement parks become a strange choice of investment for a mass media conglomerate.

Group and affairs

Logan features four kiddies by two spouses, his eldest child was Connor by an unnamed first girlfriend the guy separated well before the program started. He has got sons Kendal and Roman and daughter Shiv along with his second girlfriend Caroline Collingwood (Harriet Walter) which he additionally divorced.

He could be partnered to Marcia (Hiam Abbass), who’s an associate of businesses panel of managers but have not earned the rely on of Logan’s young children.

Kendall Roy

That is the guy?

Kendall (Jeremy firm) was Logan’s next daughter and then he is considered the most hungry for their father’s endorsement. He initiate the tv show primed becoming Logan’s successor but his business failings suggested he was rapidly dropped, and from now on Kendall try seeking to usurp your.

Just what are his skills?

As he isn’t really since skilled a businessman as their father, or much liked, Kendall has actually an desire for exactly how Waystar Royco changes and develop in the future. Actually, one of the primary contentions between your and Logan try their need to scale back operations from the company.

Family members and affairs

Kendall features two young ones by his estranged partner Rava (Natalie silver), son Iverson and child Sophie.

Even though they continue to close terminology, Rava and Kendall have now been separated for quite a while together with latter keeps started internet dating others.

He is presently in an union with Naomi Pierce (Annabelle Dexter-Jones), who is among panel members of rival organization PGM.

Roman Roy

That is the guy?

Roman (Kieran Culkin) is the youngest of this Roy kids, and is more like their father Logan. While not but as practiced in company, he’s got passed down Logan’s brash attitude and desire to succeed.

Just what are his skills?

Like their daddy, Roman is headstrong and ruthless. Of all of the Logan’s young ones, Roman is the most logical possibility to achieve success your considering just how similar they are as well as how better he knows the organization the way in which their daddy wishes it to be.

Families and interactions

Roman has no kids, and even though he’s already been recognized to date a number of girls during the period of the collection he continues to be distant from them and in addition doesn’t have intercourse with them. He has an interest in Gerri Kellman (J. Smith-Cameron) although pair share a will-they-won’t-they partnership.

Siobhan “Shiv” Roy

Who is she?

Shiv are Logan’s only child and it is the second-youngest child for the group. She worked as a political advisor but has actually since accompanied this lady dad’s business in a bid to take over the utmost effective area.

Just what are her abilities?

Although this woman isn’t as familiar with the business as the woman brothers, Shiv (Sarah Snook) try a natural-born chief and this lady has a drive to achieve success.

Household and connections

Shiv are married to Tom Wambsgans (Matthew Macfadyen) nevertheless the pair have actually an unbarred relationship, which she requested they’ve on their wedding ceremony night. Thus, Shiv features frequently cheated on Tom and has furthermore suggested they’ve got a threesome together. They now have no kids.

Tom Wambsgans

That is the guy?

Tom are Shiv’s partner and he in addition operates at Waystar Royco. To start with he had been the head regarding the theme playground division prior to taking around sail line. They have since get to be the president of Global Broadcast reports at ATN.

Just what are his skill?

He is infatuated using Roy family’s power, and is also rather into benefiting from from it themselves by proxy. As he is obviously committed, Tom’s desire to do well has given your a disregard for his own self-respect, and he often is willing to end up being humiliated by the Roy families.

Family and interactions

Tom try married to Shiv although she wants an open relationship he’s never as keen on the theory, and informs their in season 2 that he is unhappy along with their relationship.

Connor Roy

That is the guy?

Connor (Alan Ruck) are Logan’s eldest child in which he have little desire in taking on Waystar Royco, and sometimes even functioning at the company. As he you could check here isn’t really interested in he comes with aspirations somewhere else, plus tried to make a bid for Presidency.

What exactly are his abilities?

He’s got found almost no skills throughout two periods, and is more concentrated on lifetime at his farm than other things. His ill-fated Presidential promotion is situated seriously on a desire to abolish taxes.

Family and connections

Connor has been around a partnership with budding playwright Willa Ferreyra (Justine Lupe) for just two conditions, plus they came across while she got being employed as an escort.

Gregory Hirsch

Who’s he?

Greg (Nicholas Braun) is actually Logan’s great-nephew, and is the grandson of their estranged cousin Ewan.

The guy joined the company in the tip of their mummy Marianne, and it has been functioning under Tom.

What exactly are their skills?

While shameful and outwardly reckless, Greg comes with some sense of self-preservation and made guaranteed to hold copies of essential paperwork that Tom got your beat in order to utilize it as blackmail if the wave turn.

Household and relations

Greg is considered the most far-removed through the Logan families and is for that reason seen as a fairly ordinary figure.

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